1.7. WiFi

Wi-Fi Networks

In addition to offering wired access to the school network via Ethernet, wireless network access is available throughout both campuses. You are able to automatically join the network and move around campus without needing to re-authenticate or lose network connectivity. Minnehaha Academy offers two networks for access to the internet and campus resources.


MA_Secure is the preferred network on campus for faculty, staff, and students using network resources (email, Schoology, Senior Systems). It is accessible with your Minnehaha username and password and is configured to allow faculty, staff and students access to campus resources as if connected to the campus wired network.

Connect from an Apple Device

Username: [lastnamefirstname]

Password: [networkIDpassword]

Connect from an Android Device


Phase 2 authentication: None

CA certificate: Do not validate

Settings: No domain

Identity: [lastnamefirstname]

Password: [networkIDpassword]


MA_Guest is meant to serve guests but is open to faculty, staff, and students. The MA_Guest network requires re-registration every 24-hours.

Connect from an Apple Device

Password: redhawk12


Apple - How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity


Connection Issues from a Mac

  1. Verify you are connected to MA_Secure.

  2. Hold the Shift key down when opening Safari.

  3. Renew the DHCP Lease

    • Click the icon in your Menu Bar and click System Preferences... > Network

    • Verify you are connected to Wi-Fi by the green indicator

    • Verify Location is set to Automatic. If not, then create a new location.

    • Click > Advanced > Renew DHCP Lease.

  4. Shut off your computer. Boot to Safe Mode by holding the shift key down as you power on your Mac. Continue holding the shift key until the login window appears. Login and re-test. Note that you may experience graphical issues during this attempt. To exit Safe Mode simply restart your computer

  5. If issues persist then verify you have a backup of all your data. You should use your Google Drive account to save your files or you can use our school server accounts or a Time Machine backup to an external drive. Bring the computer to the Tech Office to further diagnose the issue once the computer has been backed up.

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