1.4. Phones

Phone Support

Minnehaha Academy uses Avaya phones from Kaiser Comm. The Technology Team manages hundreds of phone lines across both campuses.

We provide access to these lines along with a range of services, including voicemail forwarding, voice conferencing, call forwarding, and mobile twinning. We also provide support for these phones and related services.

During a School Closure

  • Faculty and staff will continue to receive voicemails in their school email inbox.

  • Staff/admin suite members can have calls forwarded from their direct dial number to their personal cellphones upon request.

  • For teachers and staff who provided us wither their cellphone number you can mask an outgoing call using the steps below:

    1. Dial (952) 255-6042 to place a call from North campus OR dial (612) 728-7723 to place a call from South Campus.

    2. You will immediately hear a dial tone upon connecting. Imagine that this is your way of picking up your office handset.

    3. Dial 9 to dial out. Proceed to dial the recipient’s phone number (###-###-####)

    4. Call masking will be enabled and the recipient’s caller ID will show Minnehaha Academy

Logout/Login to a Different Phone (Hot Desking)

Do this if your phone is prompting you to login or if you've recently changed rooms.

  1. Dial *36 (this will log you out)

  2. Enter your extension number in the extension number prompt

  3. Enter your extension number in the password prompt

Set Up Your Voicemail Passcode

  1. Dial *17 from your Avaya phone

  2. You will be prompted to enter your extension and then #

  3. You will then be prompted to enter your password (which is not yet created) so just hit # again

  4. You will be prompted to enter a new passcode and then # (Note: The passcode cannot be your extension number, 1234, or 1111, 2222, etc.)

  5. You will be prompted to re - enter the password and #

Note: To change your passcode click the Message button on the phone and scroll down to Passcode.

Set Up a Name Recording

  1. Dial *17 from your Avaya phone and sign in using your extension number and voicemail passcode

  2. Press "1" to record your name (First and Last name)

  3. Once you have set up your passcode and recorded your name you can now set your greeting

Note: To change the recorded name dial *17 from the phone and follow the menu options to re-record the name on the mailbox.

Set Up a Greeting

  1. Dial *17 from your Avaya phone and sign in using your extension number and voicemail passcode

  2. Press “3” to administer personal greetings

  3. To create a new greeting press “1”

  4. Enter greeting number (1 - 9 available, but typically “1” is the default)

  5. Press “1” to record, when finished press “1” for additional options or “#” to approve

  6. Press “8” to set as the default voicemail greeting (you can also follow the pro

Note: To change or listen to your current greeting tap the Message button (looks like mail icon on the phone) > Greeting > Listen.

Dial into Voicemail Remotely

  1. Dial ( 952) 255 - 6056 to access voicemail remotely

  2. You will be prompted to enter your extension and #, and then passcode and #

  3. From here, please follow the “IP Office Intuity Quick Reference Card”

Set Up Mobile Twinning

Three Ways to Set it Up:

  • From the Main Menu press Right Arrow > Fill in the “Mobile Twinning” information (just make sure the number 9 precedes your phone number)

  • Type the shortcode *90# and fill in the number to twin to (see cheat sheet)

  • Watch a YouTube video (3:20)

Add Programmable Buttons on an Avaya 9608G

  1. When at the home screen, press the “Features” button

  2. Arrow down to “Phone User…” and press “Select” and arrow down to “Self Administer…” and press “Select”

  3. When prompted for a Security Pin, enter your extension number and press “Done”

  4. You will now see all of the programmed buttons and you can arrow down to see all buttons (1-24)

  5. Arrow down to an open slot and press “Replace”

  6. There are several options available

Busy Lamp Field - Add buttons to see if another user is on the phone or not

    1. User BLF is to show users extensions

    2. For “User BLF” simply enter the extension (the name should then appear on the screen) and press “Save”

NOTE: If needed, an admin can do this through web management and put a “User” key on one of their one buttons.

Other Features

  • You will need to dial 9 before dialing an outside number. If you want to reach another extension within the school you can just type that in.

  • Speakerphone is on the bottom left, or just start typing in a number. Mute is on the bottom right.

  • You can optionally search for a name by typing someone’s name

  • Default ring time is just over 15 secs

  • You can change the ringtone

  • You can setup speed dials according to the "Quick Reference Card"

  • If you’re lost within a menu, just press the button on the right of the phone and it will take you “home”

Other Resources

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