2.1. Overview


Minnehaha's primary wireless network is called eduroam. eduroam is a global wireless network service for academia and research. Once your device has been correctly configured and connected to Minnehaha's network, you will be able to use your Minnehaha identity to seamlessly and securely connect to eduroam at any institution which has implemented it, including St. Thomas, St Olaf, MNSCU, the University of Minnesota, and colleges and universities across 85 different countries.  You can find a map of all participating institutions here, or, you can download the Eduroam app on your iPhone or Android to find Eduroam locations.  

Unlike most home or public networks, you will need to run a program to configure eduroam on your device to guarantee a reliable and secure connection. Because eduroam is an international standard used at hundreds of colleges and universities, more rigorous security standards are required. For most Minnehaha Academy users using school-owned devices, this configuration is automatically completed by the Tech Team using our mobile device management system.  

For other use cases, include 'Bring-your-own-device' (BYOD), users can take advantage of the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT), using the instructions provided below.

You can click here to visit the website and learn more about eduroam

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