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2.2. History of Eduroam at Minnehaha

After the tragic explosion of August 2017, Minnehaha partnered with many different volunteers, businesses, and institutions in our community to rapidly pivot to recovery and rebuilding efforts.  One of those partners was the University of Minnesota, and in particular Daniel Westacott, a longtime friend and colleague of Minnehaha alum, Dan Cummings.  This partnership, and the vendor relationships it brought, allowed Minnehaha to achieve the immediate recovery of technical infrastructure, build out a fully functioning temporary campus in Mendota within a month, and deploy state-of-the-art technology in the 2019 rebuild North Campus in an accelerated time-frame. 

In honor of the relationship with the University of Minnesota and in recognition of Minnehaha Academy's mission to prepare students for higher education in Minnesota and throughout the world, Dan Cummings sponsored Eduroam membership beginning in 2018.  The goal is to allow Minnehaha students to take advantage of this benefit while visiting college campuses or studying abroad, and to show hospitality by allowing visiting faculty and students from other institutions to access resources while on our Minneapolis campus.  

Minnehaha Academy is one of the very first K-12 institutions to participate in this well established higher education program.  Once your computer or mobile device is properly configured for Eduroam, you will find that your Minnehaha Academy identity will be automatically and securely recognized all over the world at any participating Eduroam institution!  

You can learn more about Eduroam here or the Internet2 project.and other initiatives. 

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